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#teamxfo Outfitter/Senior Guide Hunt Profile: Rob Hardy

Meet Rob Hardy! Owner/Outfitter/Guide of X Factor Outfitters!

Rob has been hunting for most of his life, and guiding friends, family and clients for the past 12 years. Rob has 3 awesome kids & He is also the owner of X Factor Construction, LLC.

Rob is an avid Archery Hunter, but isn't afraid to pick up a rifle or muzzleloader. He has helped many people over the years tag out on some amazing animals, specializing in Elk Hunting.  He has also been a part of many conservation organizations and projects!

Robs favorite things to do besides guiding clients is shed hunting, setting and checking trail cameras, fishing, spending time with his kids and spending time with his grandkids. Rob is all about family and experiencing the great outdoors.

Rob became a guide years ago to help other hunters experience a hunt of a lifetime, and finally became an outfitter after he had the experience guiding and also when he wanted to venture on his own and give clients a different take on guided hunts.

Rob says, " Guiding and outfitting has always been a goal of mine. The stigma around paying for guided hunts is often misleading, and outfitters are usually looked down upon by most DIY hunters. So I wanted to create an outfit where the money isn't our sole purpose and our clients come first always. I wanted to create that DIY style hunt and allow our hunters to feel in control rather than feeling like they are being dragged around. I picked my guide team based off experience, same ethics and same goals. We want our clients to go home with memories and not feel like they are just a "client", we want them to feel like family every step of the way!"

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