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#teamxfo Guide Hunt Profile: Daniel Kaiser

Meet #teamxfo hunting guide Daniel Kaiser

Daniel was born and raised in the beautiful state of Idaho, where he developed a love for the outdoors. He began hunting at a very young age and has been hunting avidly for 20+ years. He enjoys every aspect of the sport including waterfowl, big game and turkey hunting. he has a passion for helping others achieve their dreams of harvesting their first big game animal or shooting their first turkey.

Daniel enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter. They are always out looking for some kind of adventure. whether it is hunting, fishing, setting trail cameras or just riding around looking for wildlife. Daniel introduced his wife to archery hunting 7 years ago and it quickly became a passion that they both could enjoy together year after year.

Southern Utah is where Daniel calls home and he has enjoyed learning the vast landscape and challenges that it brings. He has devoted many hours and put in countless miles gaining knowledge about the big game animals that inhabit the area.

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