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#teamxfo Guide Hunt Profile: Brock Hardy

Meet #teamxfo hunting guide Brock Hardy! Brock has been hunting for 13 years. He loves waterfowl hunting and Elk hunting, but most importantly he loves just being in the great outdoors.
Brocks most exciting hunt was his very own Big Horn Sheep hunt that he was lucky enough to draw. His most memorable hunt was his 2019 Archery Limited Entry Elk hunt where he was one of the very few who had a successful hunt!

Brock also loves to fish and shed hunt in the off season. He has killed 9 deer, 8 of which were with a bow and 1 with a rifle. He has killed 1 elk, and archery hunting is definitely his favorite.
He wanted to become a guide to be in the mountains as much as he could and to help clients kill trophy animals.

In his words, he states, " In all seriousness, when I'm in the mountains, I feel a lot smaller and realize how lucky I am to be able to even go in the mountains and enjoy what I do and my worries just seem to disappear."
Brock has been running an hvac business for 2 years called Fire and Ice, and he is very grateful for his business as well which allows him to be able to have some spare time to do what he loves to do in the mountains.

We here at XFO our proud to have Brock on board and can't wait to see what the future has in store for his upcoming seasons!!

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