Who Is X Factor Outfitters?

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

X factor Outfitters is a premiere Western Big Game Hunting Outfit based out of Central Utah. Known as XFO, they offer guided hunts to include Big Game, Small Game, Predators, Waterfowl, Upland Game and Turkey Hunts. They also offer fishing excursions to meet anyones needs including shore fishing, boat/lake fishing and fly fishing along some of Utah's best little known secret Rivers and Streams.

Team XFO is made up of a team of experienced Big Game Hunting Guides and an Experienced Outfitter. Although the XFO Outfit is only 2 years old, the staff that operate this outfit are highly experienced and knowledgeable of their units and game animals. Rob Hardy is the Owner/CEO/Outfitter for X factor, and has decades of experience in Utahs Mountains and with Hunting the animals that occupy the local biomes. He has a team of 4 experienced guides - Steven james, Scott Bergera, Brock Hardy and Tyler Nelson. In 2020 they plan on welcoming former XFO Spotter Brock Nelson to join the XFO guide team as soon as he completes the last little bit of training and state required testing and licensing procedures. XFO has a Spotter Training Program where only a select few hunters are selected to participate. The Spotter program offers dedicated hunters to apprentice under a guide, on a no pay basis, to learn valuable techniques and training from the guide to gain the knowledge and training hours the state requires before being eligible to apply for a Utah Guide License. So far XFO has 4 spotters with 1 of those guys, as mentioned above, eligible to apply for the Guide License for 2020 after spending the past 2 years as a spotter in training.

Most of the team have a love for chasing Bull Elk during the rut, but each and every guide brings their unique hunting experiences to the table, ensuring that anyone who books with XFO will be set with a guide that not only can get the client on animals and presenting opportunities for a shot, but a guide that is friendly and always puts the client first. Safety is the biggest rule for all XFO guides and they have the necessary CPR, First Aid and Wilderness Survival training to ensure each client that they are protected on and off the Mountain.

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