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#teamxfo Guide Hunt Profile: Austin Barney

Meet xfo team guide Austin Barney! Austin is a father of 2 kids, 1 boy and 1 girl with his wife Bridget. Austin is our newest guide and is crazy about big desert Mule Deer Bucks and giant Bull Elk. He loves calling Elk and Coyote's,  and Archery is his favorite season. He is pretty good with a call from coyote calling, elk calling and ducks! Austin is a hiking fool and isn’t scared to hike to the top of the tallest mountains to make sure his clients are happy! He loves seeing the joy of people fulfilling their dreams and filling their tags! Austin loves camping with his family; He and his wife, along with their children always go watch deer and elk in the off season, as that is their favorite thing to do after work! Austin has been a certified welder since he graduated from High School. He enjoys building things from scratch and making  masterpieces!  

 Austin also enjoys Predator Hunting in the off-season and puts in the time and effort to help successfully manage Utah's Predator population! He’s is a hard worker, will put clients  on the animals they are after, and is extremely fun to be around!

XFO is excited to have some fresh blood and especially excited about the dedication and drive that Austin brings to the table!

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