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#teamxfo Guide Hunt Profile: Brock Nelson

Meet #teamxfo hunting guide Brock Nelson! Brock has a saying, "A bad day of hunting still beats a good day at work." One thing about Brock is that he is always positive and willing to go that extra mile for his clients. We call him Grizz, and he isn't afraid to take out any pilgrim on an adventure. Brock loves hunting elk, and has years of experience under his belt as a hunter. He is a strong believer is the phrase, "Hunting is conservation." and he does everything he can to make sure his clients experience an ethical, safe and successful hunt! He loves spending time with his beautiful wife and Daughter, and spends a lot of time scouting, running cameras and exploring new areas. 

In his free time, Brock is a proficient excavator and owns Grizzly Excavating. There ain't a hole he can't dig, a trench he can't trench and a pipe he can't lay! His hard work ethic follows him around the mountain and we love having him on board. Booking with him, you are sure to have a hard working guide at your side, that will crack your ribs from laughter as he is always saying or doing something to make every situation a fun and positive time!!

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